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How to get your kids to listen without nagging or yelling

19-21 May, 2022

9pm CEST, 3pm EDT, 12 noon PDT

Learn the 3 steps to ditching the frustration and get your kids to do what you ask WITHOUT nagging or yelling so that you can create an easier, more fun relationship with your kids while they're still small

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The training lasts for approximately 30 min each day (I know you're busy!) and each day builds on the information from the day before.You can access replays in the Calm fun parents Facebook group.

What we will cover:

Day 1

Learn why kids don't listen - and what you can do to change that.

  • Why nagging doesn't work and makes things worse

  • Stop yourself from getting to the yelling stage

  • Day 2

    Get the right tools that will prevent your request turning into a power struggle.

  • Avoid butting heads with your kids over every single request

  • The #1 mistake parents make that turns requests into power struggles

  • Day 3

    Learn how to remain in control and prevent resentment when they’re asked to do something.

  • Make the right decisions so you're not second guessing yourself

  • Stay consistent

  • One of the biggest misconceptions in parenting is that it is hard and this is just the way it is.

    But it doesn't have to be so. There are small and gentle changes you can make that can prevent many tantrums, remove the need for constant nagging, and avoid power struggles altogether.

    There are also gentle techniques that can be used to keep yourself calm in difficult situations, calm your kids and prevent them from resenting your decisions.

    Why not make a decision to try them, and reduce a lot of the stress and overwhelm that can go along with parenting - because it doesn't have to always be so hard!

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